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Courier Service Manager

Regina, Saskatchewan
Work Type: Full Time

About Deliverr

Founded in 2016, Deliverr is dedicated to growing local economies and empowering new ways of working, earning, and living. Deliverr has become the fastest-growing on-demand liquor delivery in the Regina, growing 170% year-over-year. Deliverr has distinguished itself by offering liquor and grocery on-demand delivery. Deliverr’s technology-led approach to solving for hyperlocal, offers a hassle-free fast and reliable delivery experience for our consumers.

About the Job

Deliverr is looking for an effective Courier Service Manager (CSM) in Regina, SK. who will be the voice of Deliverr in Regina. The CSM will work closely with Director on rolling out new products and processes to drive ops excellence and build sustainable operations in City of Regina.

CSM takes care of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating of the delivery operations. CSMs are responsible for hiring and training delivery staff. The job comes up with the starting salary range of $58,000 - $64,000 plus applicable benefits.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Deliverr is looking for an effective Courier Service Manager (CSM) who will be the voice of a Delivery Team (DT) in Deliverr’s regional operations

  • He/she should excel at two-way communication with DTs to understand a DT’s expectations, preferences issues and implement initiatives that address DT concerns, improve DT’s Deliverr experience and ensure business objectives are met.

  • He/she should be able to act as an active check for any processes started by other Deliverr stakeholders to ensure a DT’s experience is not affected. Plan, coordinate, implement any city-level engagement activity needed.

  • Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operational activities and operations of courier services within Deliverr

  • Co-ordinate the duties of support/shift supervisors and other team members

  • Ensure new DTs learn the processes and get comfortable in the system in the shortest possible time. Conduct regular surveys, focus group discussions and frequent interaction with DTs at hubs to hear their issues and understand their needs.

  • Share feedback on DT sentiment, issues faced at an area level regularly to the executive team

  • Interview, hire and oversee training for staff

  • Track NPS across areas and identify issues. Co-ordinate launch of any new initiatives

  • Review the effectiveness of assigned deliveries and implement changes to delivery operations

  • Prepare and submit budget estimates and administer the expenditures of courier/delivery operations

  • Generate reports and brief executives about operational efficiencies

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